Who We Are?
An Iraqi company is officially registered in Baghdad. Tamken offers management consulting, business development, market studies, public relations, marketing, training, and capacity-building services.
The company works with clients to guarantee the success of their enterprises by transferring their potential into the new paradigm. The company assists in the creation of strategic plans, the development of human resources, the attraction of local and international skills and knowledge, and the realization of the customer outreach philosophy following the institution's resources and local laws and governing policies.
Tamken Enterprise, as part of NASS AL IRAQ Holding Group, launches services based on its specialized entrepreneurial cadres and in partnership with trusted, specialized global institutions, whether as advisors or senior departments or as practical trainers for front-line or middle-row staff. The company adopts exclusive performance indicators and analytical tools to provide clients with clear insights that empower them to make better decisions, develop clear plans and strategies, and operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively.
The work is centered on the partnership principle, aligning goals with consumer realities, and creating profitable enterprises.
Empower clients and partners to achieve their goals.
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BEC is a management consultancy firm officially incorporated in 2020 as a part of Nass Al-Iraq Holding to provide services in the domain of management, logistics, capacity building, and business development.