Our services
Business Areas
  • 01
    Management Consulting
    • The structure of Institutions and the governance of procedures
    • Human Resources Policies
    • Establishing clear strategies to ensure quality
    • Administrative feasibility studies
    • Grants and proposal writing consultancy
  • 02
    Financial Consulting
    • Companies' accounts and budgets management and auditing
    • Detailed, periodic, annual, and semi-annual audited reports submission
    • Economic feasibility studies
    • Active workers' Income taxation
    • Enterprises' final accounts
  • 03
    Marketing & Sales Consulting
    • Market research
    • Clear and easy-to-apply expansion strategies and plans that ensure the achievement of the desired goals
    • Direct, indirect, electronic, and field marketing campaign management
    • Managing sales campaigns and sales representatives
    • Handling customer care and after-sales services
  • 04
    General Legal Consultation services
    • Official establishment processes of profit and non-profit enterprises and Corporate Registration, Tax, and Social Security management Services
    • Organizing documentation and notary services
    • Government Relations management
    • Issuing visas, security, and accommodation approvals to foreign employees and workers
  • 05
    Real Estate Consulting
    • Local and comprehensive market research for engineering research and property’s market value
    • Feasibility studies for property investment
    • Property Management Services
    • Marketing, sales, and real estate investment
  • 06
    Training and capacity-building
    • Engineering technical training (by specialization)
    • Training on several programs (financial and administrative)
    • General training for work ethics and essentials
  • 07
    Exhibitions and conferences
    • Managing exhibitions and securing funding/financial sponsorship for executions
    • Providing technical supporting services
    • Media coverage
    • Printing promotional materials
    • Moderating panel discussions and assisting in creating effective networking
  • 08
    Catering Services
    • Organizing services for occasions, exhibitions, and conferences
    • Daily meal services for companies and laboratories
    • Direct order fulfillment services